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Thermal Physics: Course Outline

Thermal physics is the combined study of thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and kinetic theory.

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Course Outline

  1. Describing systems and their behavior.
  2. Measuring mass, length, time and Force.
  1. Engineering design and analysis.
  1. Broading our understanding of work.
  2. Broading our understanding of energy.
  3. energy transfer by heat. 
  4. Energy accounting: energy balance for closed systems.
  5. Energy analysis of cycles.
  6. Chapter summary and study guide.
  1. Evaluating properties: General considerations. 
  2. P–V–T relation, Retrieving thermodynamic Properties.
  3. Generalized compressibility chart.
  4. Evaluating properties using the ideal gas model 100.
  5. Ideal gas model.
  6. Internal energy.
  7. Enthalpy. 
  8. Specific heats of ideal gases.
  9. Evaluating ?u and ?h using ideal gas tables. 
  10. Software and constant specific heats. 
  11. Polytrophic process of an ideal gas.
  1. Conservation of mass for a control volume. 
  2. Conservation of energy for a control volume.
  3. Analyzing control volumes at steady state.
  4. Transient analysis.
  1. Identifying irreversibility.
  2. Applying the second law to thermodynamic cycles. 
  3. Defining the Kelvin temperature scale.
  4. Maximum performance measures for cycles operating between two reservoirs.
  5. Carnet cycle. Using entropy: Introducing entropy. 
  6. Defining entropy change. 
  7. Retrieving entropy data. 
  8. Entropy change in internally reversible.
  9. Processes. 
  10. Entropy balance for closed systems.
  11. Entropy rate balance for control volumes.
  12. Isentropic processes. 
  13. Isentropic efficiencies of turbines,
  14. Nozzles. 
  15. Compressors and pumps.
  16. Heat transfer and work in internally reversible.
  17. Steady-state flow processes. 

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