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Ordinary Differential Equations: Course Outline (MAT 404)

The course serves as an introduction to differential equations and provides a prerequisite for further study in those areas.

Reference Books

Course Outline

  • Definitions and occurrence of differential equations (DEs),  Remarks on existence and uniqueness of solution,
  • First order and simple higher order DEs, Special equations of 1st  order, Elementary applications of 1st order DEs,
  • Theory of linear differential equations, Linear equations with constant coefficients, 
  • Methods of undetermined coefficients and variation of parameters,
  • S-L boundary value problems, 
  • Self adjoint operators,
  • Fourier series, Series solution of DEs,
  • Bessel, Modified Bessel, Legendres, Hermite, Hypergeometric,
  • Lauguere equations and their solutions, Orthogonal polynomials,
  • Green function for ordinary differential equations.

Other Books (Full Text)