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Advanced Electrodynamics: Course Outline (PHY-6002)

In this course we build on second-year electromagnetism. Our starting point is Maxwell's equations.

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Course Outline

  • Maxwell’s equations.
  • Gauge transformation.
  • Poynting vector.
  • Energy transport.
  • Momentum and angular momentum in an electromagnetic field.
  • Conservation laws.
  • Relation to symmetry.
  • Plane electromagnetic waves in a non-conducting and conducting medium.
  • Propagation in a dispersive medium.
  • Reflection.
  • Refraction.
  • Total internal reflection.
  • Simple microscopic models of dielectric constant.
  • Wave guides and resonant cavities.
  • TE/TM and TEM modes.
  • Power losses.
  • Application to ionosphere.
  • Radiation by moving charges.
  • Lienard-Wiechert potentials and fields.
  • Causality.
  • General angular and frequency distributions of radiation from accelerated charges.
  • Bremsstrahlung.
  • Thompson scattering.
  • Cherenkov radiation.
  • Fields and radiation of localized oscillating sources.
  • Electric dipole fields and radiation.
  • Magnetic dipole and electric quadrupolefields.
  • Analysis of multipole fields using vector spherical harmonics.
  • Spherical wave expansion of a vector plane wave.
  • Scattering of electromagnetic wave by a conducting sphere.