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Advanced Statistical Mechanics: Course Outline

This course is the second quarter of statistical mechanics. It focuses on collective behavior of many-particle systems, hydrodynamics, and phase transitions.

Course Outline

  • Introduction. 
  • Review of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.
  • Empirical equations of state.
  • Ideal gas laws.
  • Van der Wall’s equation.
  • Critical phenomena.
  • Hugoniot equation.
  • Mie-Gruneisen equation.
  • Theoretical calculations of equation of state.
  • Exactly soluble models.
  • Classical ideal gas.
  • Non-interacting Fermi gas.
  • Non-interacting Bose gas.
  • Paramagnets.
  • Ising model.
  • Approximate methods.
  • Thomas Fermi model.
  • Debye-Huckel theory.
  • Statistical mechanics of plasmas.
  • Cluster expansions.
  • Methods of molecular dynamics.
  • Monte-Carlo techniques.

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