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Plasma Theory: Course Outline (MAT 462)

Course Objective

By the end of the course, students will be able to know the behavior of plasma particles in electrostatic and magnetic fields, individually as well as fluid and how oscillations and waves are generated in plasma.

Course Contents

Occurrence of plasma in nature, Definition of plasma, Plasma parameter, Criteria for plasma, Applications of plasma, Motion of single particle motion with Uniform E and B field, with nonuniform B field and E field, Time- varying E field and B field, The fluid equation of motion, Fluid drifts perpendicular and parallel to B, Representation of waves, Group velocity, Plasma Oscillations, Ion waves, Validity of plasma approximation, Electrostatic Ion waves perpendicular to B0, The lower Hybrid frequency, Electromagnetic waves with B0=0, perpendicular to B0, and parallel to B0, Cutoffs and resonances, Magneto-sonic waves, Hydro-magnetic equilibrium.

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