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LA-Semigroups: Course Outline (MAT-613)

A left almost semigroup (LA-semigroup) or an Abel-Grassmann’s groupoid (AG-groupoid) is investigated in several papers.


Course Outline

LA-semigroups and basic results, Connection with other algebraic structures, Medial and exponential properteis, LA-semigroups defined by commutative inverse semigroups, Homomorphism theorems for LA-semigroups, Abelian groups defined by LA-semigroups, Embedding theorem for LA-semigroups, Structural properties of LA-semigroups, LA-semigroups as a semilattice of LA-subsemigroups, Locally associative LA-semigroups, Relations on locally associative LA-semigroups, Maximal separative homomorphic images of locally associative LA-semigroups, Decomposition of locally associative LA-semigroups. 

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