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Mathematical Analysis of Heat Transfer: Course Outline (MAT 662)

Course Contents

Thermodynamics systems, work and heat, first law of thermodynamics applied to closed and open systems, properties of vapours in ideal gasses; second law of thermodynamics and the concept of entropy. The external problem with reference to the vertical flat plate and horizontal circular cylinder for isothermal surface condition and constant heat flux,  limiting velocity and thermal fields for small and large prandilt numbers. Exact solutions for free convection from a point or line source of heat, The turbulent plume. The internal problem with reference to flow in Cavities, Lighthill’s thermosyphon and the cooling of a turbine blade. Batchelor’s work on double glazing. Analytical solutions of ostrach on fully developed combined free and forced convection in vertical tubes, the effects of viscous dissipation; effects of non-uniform convection on forced flow in a uniformly heated horizontal circular tube following work by Morton. Some simple unsteady free convection problems with analytical solutions.

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