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Mathematical Demography: Course Outline (STAT-701)

Mathematical demography is a specialization in demography concerned with the articulation, analysis, and empirical application of theoretical models or representations of populations and demographic processes via the use of mathematics, including mathem

Course Outline

  • Population Growth Models.
  • Development and Application of Lotka Integral Equation.
  • Smoothing of age data by various methods.
  • Estimations of age at first marriage.
  • Child mortality.
  • Adult mortality, and fertility.
  • Construction of abridged life tables and decrement life tables.
  • Lagrange estimates, and projections by application of straight line.
  • Logistic.
  • Exponential.
  • Gumpertz and Polynomial curves and by component method.
  • Path Analysis for decomposition of effect of factors affecting and dependent variable.

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