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Modeling and Simulation: Course Outline (MAT 670)

Modeling and simulation (M&S) refers to using models – physical, mathematical, or otherwise logical representation of a system, entity, phenomenon, or process.

Course Contents

Systems, models and simulations, area of application, definition of mathematical models,classification of models, Modeling with differential equations, first and second order linear models, electrical systems, mechanical systems, population dynamics. Introduction to Simulink. Biological models (Lotka-Volterra systems, Predictor-Prey systems, SIR models). Modeling with partial differential equations; Linear temperature diffusion, heat diffusion, wave vibration, Laplace equation. Modeling with data, probability and probability distribution functions. Fluid dynamics models, continuous Vs discrete models, block-diagrams and block diagram reduction rules. State-Space Model; Transfer functions, State-space vs transfer function. Stability and pole locations. Programming with Matlab, PDE Toolkit, pdepe solver, Introduction to ANSYS.

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