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Basic Electronics: Course outline (PHY-314)

Electronics is the science of controlling electrical energy electrically, in which the electrons have a fundamental role

Course Content

Introduction to Semiconductor: Atomic structure, Conduction in semiconductors, P-Type, N-Type, Diode (Biasing, characteristics).

Special Diodes and Applications: Zener, Tunnel diode, LED, Photodiode, Schottky diode, Rectifiers, Clippers, Clampers, Voltage multiplier.

Transistors BJT: structure, operation, characteristics, parameters, load line, transistors as an amplifier, transistor as a switch

Transistor biased circuit: d.c. operating point, base bias, Page 5 of 6 four resistor bias, collector feedback bias, emitter bias: FETs, JFETs (characteristics, parameters, biasing), MOSFET (characteristics, parameters, biasing).

BJT Amplifiers: amplifier operation, AC equivalent circuits, C.E, C.B, C.C multistage amplifiers.

FET Amplifiers: amplification, common source amplifier, common gate amplifier, common drain amplifier power amplifier: Class A, Class B, Class AB, Class C.

Amplifier Frequency Response: Low, mid and high frequency response, Total amplifier frequency response, Frequency response of multistage amplifier, Bode plot (for BJT)

Transistor and Other Devices: SCR, SCS, DIAC, TRIAC, Photo transistor, Optical couplers

Operational Amplifiers: Internal structure, Input modes and parameters, Negative feedback, Op-Amps with negative feedback, Effect of negative feedback on OP-Amp impedances, Open loop and close loop responses

Application of Operational Amplifiers: Comparators, Summing, Integrators, Differentiators, Active filters (low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop).

Oscillators: Feedback oscillator and conditions of oscillations, Oscillators with RC feedback circuits, Oscillators with LC feedback circuits, Relaxation oscillators, 555 timer.

Communication Circuits: Basic receiver, Linear multiplier, Amplitude modulation and demodulation, Frequency modulation, Phase locked loop, Angle modulation.

Voltage Regulator: Voltage regulation, Basic series regulators, Basic shunt regulators, Basic switching regulators.

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