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Pharmaceutical Technology: Courser Outline VIIB-715

Pharmaceutical technology is a collective term for technologies to develop candidate compounds that have either been discovered or created into commercial pharmaceutical products

Course Outline

1. Novel git drug delivery system

a. Oral osmotic pumps

b. Ion-Exchange controlled DDS

c. pH-Controlled DDS

d. Bio/mucoadhesive DDS

e. Floating DDS

2. drug carrier system

a. Liposomes

b. Niosomes

3. Targeted drug delivery system

a. Active drug delivery system

b. Passive drug delivery system

4. Pharmaceutical biotechnology

a. Introduction to biotechnology 

  • Genetics/Genomics 
  • Proteomics 
  • Biomolecular target
  • Identification
  •  Pharmacogenomics 
  • Gene therapy and Nucleic acid therapeutics

b. Techniques Used in Pharmaceutical biotechnology 

  • PCR 
  • DNA Sequencing 
  • Affinity
  • Protein Purification

c. Fundamentals of Genetic Engineering and its Application in Medicine

d. Pharmaceutical Recombinant therapeutic Proteins 

  • Growth factors 
  • Therapeutic antibodies
  • High-throughput screening of putative therapeutic compounds

e. Biotechnological aspects in the product development.

f. Principle 

  • Synthesis and Application of Monoclonal Antibodies

g. Immobilized Enzymes and their application in Medicine


Relevant Books