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Human Resource & Communication Management: Course Outline (MSHCM)

Human resource is for any organization the most important resource, therefore it's role is to contribute to their professional development and to lead to organizational goals in a motivating environment for both the group and for each individual parties.

Course Outline

Course Objectives

  • To let the students develop understanding of the concepts and principles of HR Management in the context of Project Management.
  • To let the students develop understanding of the concepts and principles of Communication Management in the context of Project Management.
  • To acquire knowledge of the best practices in the subject domains and their relative implementation.
  • To understand the skillset related with tools and techniques applicable to implementation of the techniques.
  • To understand the HR & Communication practices through Case studies of best practices as how the organizations are opting & implementing them.


At the end of this course, students should be able to

  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Project HR management.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Project communication management.
  • Developing project scope and related documents related to both domains.
  • Developing project strategies based on assigned projects & tasks.


  • Lecture 01:      Introduction of the subject and course outline to be discussed.
  • Lecture 02:      Introduction of Project Management and role of HR management in Projects.
  • Lecture 03:      Planning human resource management for a project. The baseline for HR requirements. Class activity would be part of the lecture.
  • Lecture 04:      Towards acquiring Project team. Selection and criteria definition. Development of Job Descriptions and team requirements. Quiz 01.
  • Lecture 05:      Developing Project Team. Acquiring the human resources in project life cycle. Assignment to develop project team on-boarding schedule as per each project.
  • Lecture 06:      Managing Project teams through project life cycles. Anticipating the un-predictable scenarios. Quiz 02.
  • Lecture 07:      Project 01. Develop Project human resource management plan. Submission in next lecture. 
  • Lecture 08:      Project submission and revision of previous lecture towards preparation of Midterm examination.
  • Midterm Examination: As per schedule of the institution.
  • Lecture 09:      Midterm marks announcement & papers review. Introduction of Project Communication and role of Project Manager.
  • Lecture 10:      Understanding communication basic model and planning project communication. Quiz 03.
  • Lecture 11:      Communication technologies, models, types and methods to improve communication. Quiz 02
  • Lecture 12:      Developing communication plan for a project. Group Assignment as Project 02. Class discussion and progress review.
  • Lecture 13:      Managing project communications through project life cycle.
  • Lecture 14:      Control communication mechanisms in projects. Project 02 progress review. Quiz 04.
  • Lecture 15:      Presentation of Project 02 as final assignment.
  • Lecture 16:      Project submission and revision of previous lectures (9-15) towards preparation of Final term examination.

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