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Hospital Management: Course Outline (MSHCM)

Hospital Management is a procurement and reference site providing a one-stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the global Healthcare

Course Outline


In the developing countries, the situation becomes even more intimidating as the hospitals have lesser space, equipment, and hospital staff and are frequently overwhelmed and overcrowded. A more sensitive delivery of care in a more therapeutic environment can benefit patients and have a positive bottom-line impact on healthcare institutions. Poor Quality of Hospital Services has been a major problem for Public sector hospitals in Pakistan. One of the main contributors of the poor quality of hospital services, apparent to patients and staff alike, is the inefficiency of hospitals’ management and its operations. Ninth five plan of Pakistan (1999-2003) has documented that there are large variations in the utilization of hospital services and that at present there are no quality control mechanisms in place within hospital sector, as a result, the public hospitals are generally perceived to be of low quality.

Learning Goal:

The goal of the course is to enhance the participants’ knowledge regarding management and other issues faced by hospital managers and to develop their skills to address the managerial and administrative issues of Public and Private sector hospitals at all levels.

Learning Objectives:

 By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

1. Describe the management of hospitals in public and private sectors.

2. Describe the functional departments of a hospital.

3. Apply the management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing and controlling in hospitals.

4. List out the problems that are being faced by hospitals in implementing effectively these management functions.

5. Describe the expected role of hospital in the community.

6. Apply the principles and practice of Hospital Management.

7. Construct budgets, financial costing and cost effectiveness of the hospital services. MPH PROGRAMME 93

8. List the requirements for efficient management of hospital services and utilities like xrays, laboratory and indoor facilities.

9. Establish the concept of total quality management in health services.

10. Describe the dynamics of a Hospital as an Organization and the Corporate nature of a Hospital.

11. Address efficiency issues in the management of a hospital through its resources.

12. Explore possible options for Cost Containment and profitability

Week #

Main Topics


Hospital System and its Role, Components of a

Hospital System & Role of Hospitals in PHC


Vision, Mission, Goals and Values of a Hospital


Role and Functions of Hospital Managers


Hospital Services Management · Nursing Management

· Change Management · Infrastructure Management


 Inventory Management


 Drugs Management in Hospitals-I and II


Human Resource Management


 Financial Management


 RAP Tool · Introduction to Rapid Appraisal Tool for assessment of Emergency of a Hospital · Data Collection in Hospitals using RAP Tool


Preparing a Hospital Budget


Hospital Waste Management


Accident & Emergency /Trauma Management Services


Human Resource Management


 Infrastructure Management

15 & 16

 Hospital Ethical Concerns Teaching Methodology

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