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Public Health: Course Outline (MSHCM)

Public health refers to "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals." It is concerned with

Course Outline

Course Objectives

  •  To understand the health status Pakistan
  • To know the health care system of Pakistan
  • To understand the health system analysis
  • To know the health programs of Pakistan
  • To know the health waste management plan
  • To understand the health problems
  • To know the expanded program of immunization –Pakistan
  • To know the communicable diseases /noncommunicable diseases
  • To know the demography, its importance
  • To understand the health management information system
  • To know the health plans of Pakistan

Health status of Pakistan

  • Explain indicators 0f health
  • Discuss current health status of Pakistan
  • Discuss Millennium development goals /sustainable development goals

Health care system

  • Examine the organization and systems framework of health services in the Pakistan
  • Explore cultural/geographical competencies and cultural/geographical relevant approaches in the delivery of health services to underserved communities.
  • Analyze the health care system in a community
  • Discuss health care systems of pakistan
  • Discuss levels of Health care
  • Explain the contents and concepts of primary health care.

Health system analysis

  • Compare health system analysis of Pakistan
  • Comparison with neighboring countries-SWOT analysis

    Health programs

  1. Explain health programs
  2. Discuss program objectives and targets of health programs of Pakistan
  3. Health care waste
  4. Explain types of health care waste generated in Pakistan
  5. Discuss waste management plan


  1. History of different medical era
  2. Health care revolution and rise of public health
  3. Health service philosophies
  4. Health determinants
  5. Dimensions of health
  6. Concept of disease
  7. Concept of causation
  8. Natural history of disease
  9. Concept of control
  10. Concept of prevention
  11. Changing pattern of public health in Pakistan
  12. Population medicine
  13. Public health systems, structures and major global initiatives to improve public health
  14. Commonly prevalent public health problems
  15. Capacity building in Public health

Recommended Books