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Emergency Response and Recovery in Disaster: Course Outline (MSDM)

Community preparedness for all disasters requires identifying resources and expertise in advance, and planning how these can be used in a disaster. ... Current thinking defines four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and r

Course Outline

Overview & Course Objectives

  1. To understand Emergency Process.
  2. To know about the Response Mechanism for an Emergency situation.
  3. To interlink Emergency Response with Disaster Management.
  4. Institutional Arrangements for Emergency Management.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Emergency Management
  2. Disasters and Emergency Situation
  3. The nature of Emergency Situation
  4. Phases of Emergency Management (Response, Recovery, Mitigation and Preparedness)
  5. Emergency Response Organizations (Federal, Provincial, District, Community, Individual, NGOs)
  6. Regional and Global Response Mechanisms.
  7. Transboundary Emergency Management.
  8. Emergency Operation Centre
    • Major Components of EOC
    • Organogram
    • Special Powers (Legislation)
    • Operational Plans
    • Logistics
    • Communications
    • Collaborations
    • Avoiding Replications
  9. Emergency Mitigation (Risk Assessment, Precautionary Measures, Minimizing the Risk)
  10. SPHERE Standards

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