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Business Economics: Economics Societies

This course is an economist' kit of tools for MBA students that can be used to understand the basics of economics. It covers micro-and macroeconomic issues that are essential for managers and professionals.

Pakistan Society of development Economists (PSDE)

Pakistan Society of development Economists (PSDE) is the only Pakistani professional association of economists and other social scientists. It provides an institutional framework for professional and research development. The society was formed in 1982 and located at the premises of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PDE).

The Society provides a platform for academics and policy-makers for exchange of ideas on the pressing economic and social problems facing Pakistan. It provide an important forum through Annual General Meeting and Conference for economic professionals, policymakers, businessmen and various schools of interested observers for debate concerning development issues.

American Economic Association (AEA)

International Economic Society

The International Economic Society (IES) aims to create a platform bringing together academicians from various sub-fields of economics, finance and computational economics including econometrics and statistics. Along with organising workshops, international conferences and educational programs, IES regularly publishes high quality international journals encouraging research activities of academicians, both experienced and novice, and presenting new contributions and perspectives in Economics and Finance to an international audience. 
IES promotes contact among scholars and practitioners in the fields of Economics and Finance through the publication of journals, as well as the organization of seminars and conferences 

History of Economics Society (HES)

Welcome to the History of Economics Society (HES)

Since its formal establishment in 1974, the History of Economics Society has committed itself to encouraging interest, fostering scholarship, and promoting discussion among scholars and professionals in the field of the history of economics and related disciplines. The Society is an international organization hosting its annual meeting in the Summer and also sponsoring sessions at the Allied Social Sciences.