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Leadership in Organizations: Course Outline (MS MGT and MBA)

The action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this

Course Outline

Course Overview and Learning Objectives:

This course is designed to introduce classic and contemporary research in several content domains of leadership in organizations. Both theory and research will be covered for each topic.  Emphasis will be placed on the linkage between research and theory. The major focus of the course will be to introduce you to main research streams in leadership and to equip you with ability to understand and produce quality research in this area. Both the classical approaches as well as the contemporary perspectives that are at the leading edge of a paradigm shift in the field will be used in the course. We will focus on research as well as practice in this domain. However, main focus will be on research and theory in this domain. We will discuss articles in each session to understand theory and key concepts in leadership.

Course Plan. 

A complete break-up of sessions providing the broad topic to be covered is provided below. Please make all your plans accordingly and adjust you social commitments so that you do not miss any of the sessions. A penalty of 2 marks will apply to the first absence, 4 marks for the second absence and 5 marks each for all subsequent absences. Kindly, note that this penalty in no way exempt you from the 75% mandatory attendance rule of the university. Topic
1 Discussion on ground rules, and introduction

Basics of research

The nature of leadership (Chapter 1)


Effective leadership behavior (chapter 3)

Participative Leadership, Delegation, and Empowerment (chapter 4)
4 Leadership traits and skills (chapter 6)
5 Articles

Contingency theories and adaptive leadership(chapter 7)

Power and influence tactics (chapter 8)

Dyadic relationships and followers (chapter 9)

Charismatic and Transformational leadership (12)
8 Ethical, Servant, Spiritual, and Authentic Leadership (chapter 13)
9 The Dark Side of Leadership

Leading Change and Innovation (chapter 5)

Leadership in Teams and Decision Groups (chapter 10)
11 Strategic Leadership by Top Executives(chapter 11)

Gender, Diversity, and Cross-cultural Leadership (chapter 14)

Developing Leadership Skills (chapter 15)


Recommended Books