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Typically the more complex and challenging the project






Typically the more complex and challenging the project, the more work will be sent outside of the organization for performance. Project Procurement Management is one of the nine project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK®. This course covers issues surrounding procurement and solicitation planning, outsourcing and partnering, solicitation development, contract administration, and contract closeout from the vantage points of both the buyer and the seller. The instructor will also go through some case studies that will practically demonstrate what is being taught. 

Discovery System

Course Aims

  • Prepare a procurement management plan.
  • Develop the documents necessary to support the procurement process.
  • Recognize and apply success factors for a successful contract negotiation.
  • Understand how to effectively select sellers.
  • Manage and monitor seller performance utilizing observation and reporting tools.
  • Plan and execute the tasks necessary to close out a contract.
  • Effectively integrate procurement with other project processes.


MODE OF LEARNING:                 Lecture/ Discussion/case study/presentation

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA:          Quiz/Assignments/Projects                 = 40%

Mid Term                                             = 20 %

Final Exam                                          = 40%

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