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Operation Management: Course Outline MEM-800

To make an understanding of operations management as a major functional area of any industry.

Recommended Books

Course Plan

  1. Introduction to Types of Businesses / Industries
  2. Introduction to Business functions – Marketing, HR, Finance, Production / Operation, Legal, Sale, Purchase, Health care
  3. Managerial Functions
  4. Operation Strategy for Competitiveness
  5. Generic Production / Operation Model applicable to all types of businesses
  6. 5 Responsibility/decision-making areas of OM as per John Oakland
  7. 10 Responsibility / decision-Making areas of OM as per Jay Heizer
    • Location of a Facility
    • The layout of a Facility
    • 3, Demand Forecasting
    • Inventory Management
    • Material Supply Systems
    • Quality Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Project Management
    • Technology Intervention in OM
    • Total Product Life Cycle
    • Maintenance and Safety Management
    • Indigenous OM Practices
    • As a Muslim Manager to follow Islamic ethical values in OM

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