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Introduction to Human Resource Management: Course Outline

This course is basically designed to provide students the basic understanding of key HRM functions, which include HR planning, recruitment & selection, compensation, performance evaluation, and training & development.

Course Contents


  • Meeting present human resource requirements
  • What is HRM?
  • Why HRM is important
  • Emerging Human resource management challenges.
  • Trends in HRM
  • Global vs. local HRM practices
  • HRM from Islamic and indigenous perspective
  • Basic Islamic philosophy of managing human resource
  • Conducting Job analysis.
  • HR Planning
  • Job Description
  • Job Specification


  • Recruiting and selecting employees
  • Recruitment techniques
  • Sources of recruitment
  • Selection tests and Interviewing techniques

Employee development

  • Performance appraisals
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Training the employees
  • Types of training
  • Technique of training
  • Developing careers
  • Career growth
  • Project Description and discussion


  • Managing compensation
  • Types of compensation
  • Rewarding performance
  • Pay for Performance
  • Designing and administering benefits
  • Types of benefits
  • Employee relations


Recommended Books