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Marketing Management: Course Outline

Marketing provides the interface between the customer and the firm in which the customer has become pivotal to the success of business activities.

Course Contents

Defining Marketing for the 21st Century

  • Why is Marketing important?
  • What is the scope of Marketing?
  • Some fundamental Marketing Concepts, How Marketing Management changed.
  • What are the tasks necessary for successful Marketing Management?

Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans

  • How does the Marketing affect customer Value?
  • How is the Strategic Planning carried out at different levels of the organization?
  • What does Marketing plan include?

Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment

  • What are the components of a modern Marketing information system?
  • What is involved in a Marketing Intelligent System?
  • What are the key methods for tracking and identifying opportunities in macro-environment & developments in macro-environment?

Identifying Market Segments and Targets

  • Different levels of market segmentation & requirements of effective segmentation?
  • How companies divide a market into segments?
  • How companies choose the most attractive target markets?

Analyzing Consumer Markets

  • How do consumer characteristics influence buying behavior & major psychological processes influence consumer Reponses to the marketing program?
  • How do consumers make purchasing decisions?
  • How do marketers analyze consumer decision making?

Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Customer value, satisfaction and loyalty and how can companies deliver them?
  • What is the lifetime value of customers and how can marketers maximize it?
  • How can companies cultivate strong customer relationship?
  • How can companies both attract and retain customers?
  • What is database marketing?

Conducting Marketing Research & Forecasting Demand

  • What constitutes good Marketing research and metrics for measuring marketing productivity?
  • How can marketers assess their return on investment of marketing expenditure?
  • How can companies more accurately measure and forecast demand?

Creating Brand Equity

  • What is a brand and how does branding works?
  • What is brand equity & how is it built, measured and managed?
  • What are the important decisions in developing branding strategy?

Crafting the Brand Positioning, Setting Product Strategy

  • How can a firm choose and communicate an effective positioning in the market & how brands are differentiated?
  • What are the characteristics of products and how do marketers classify products?
  • How companies differentiate products?
  • Companies' product mix and product line?
  • How can companies use packaging, labeling, warranties and guarantees as marketing tools?

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communication.

  • What is the role of Marketing Communication?
  • What are the major steps in developing effective communications?
  • What is communication mix and how should it be set?
  • What is the integrated marketing communications program?

Course Contents


Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events and Public Relations.

  • What steps are required in developing an advertising program?
  • How should sales promotion decisions be made?
  • What are the guidelines for effective brand-building events and experiences?
  • How can companies exploit the potential of public relations and publicity?

Managing Personal Communications: Direct Marketing and Personal Selling

  • Integrate direct marketing for competitive advantage?
  • What decisions do companies face in designing and managing a sales force?
  • How can salespeople improve their selling, negotiating, and relationship marketing skills?

Implementation of Marketing Practices in Pakistani Context

  • Marketing Management in Pakistan.
  • Marketing Management by a Small and medium business Entrepreneur.
  • Indigenous Management Practices adapted in Pakistan for Marketing.
  • Product or Service Compatibility with in Pakistani Culture.

Developing Pricing Strategies & Programs

  • How do consumers process and evaluate prices?
  • How should a company set prices initially for products or services?
  • When should company initiate a price change?
  • How should a company respond to a competitor's price change?

Designing and Managing Value Networks and Channels

  • Importance of designing marketing channel system and value network & the work that the marketing channel performs?
  • What decisions do companies face in managing their channels and channel conflict?
  • What are the key issues with e-commerce?

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