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Introduction to Management: Course Outline

This is an introductory course about the management of organizations. It provides instructions on principles of management that have general applicability to all types of enterprises; basic management philosophy

Course Contents


  • Introduction to Management
  • Organization, The management Process
  • The History and evaluation of Management
  • Organizational theories and different approaches to management
  • The organizational Culture and the Manager
  • The external environment and the Manager
  • The internal environment and the manager
  • Foundations and basic elements of Planning
  • Process of planning and MBO
  • Effective strategic planning
  • Decision Making
  • The manager’s role as decision maker
  • Decision making process
  • Basics of Strategic Management
  • Case of Strategic Management
  • Strategic management process
  • Organizational Structure
  • Types of organizational structures
  • Human Resource Management
  • HRM processes
  • Motivation its theories
  • Current issues in Motivation
  • Team work and Group Behaviour
  • Case of team and team work
  • Leadership and its characteristics
  • Leadership styles and behaviours
  • The process of Control
  • The Control Standards
  • Case of Controlling
  • Presentation
  • Staffing
  • Presentation

Recommended Books