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Project Management: Course Outline PM-501

Projects have been part of the human scene since civilization started, yet the practice of project management is quite recent.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Project Management (PM)
  • Project Screening and Selection
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), 
  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Time Estimation of Activities, 
  • Precedence Relationships

  • Gantt Chart ,  
  • Network Models (AON, AOA)
  • Critical Path Method  (CPM),
  • Linear Programming Models for CPM
  • Resource Management
  • Budgeting Cost-Time Trade offs
  • Project Crashing,
  • Linear Programming models for Optimizing Project Crashing Plans
  • Risk Management
  • Managing Changes in Project Scope,
  • Configuration Management

  • Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
  • Leadership,  Role of Project Manager
  • Project Control,
  • Earned Value Approach,
  • Revised Budget Projections
  • Project Termination
  • Final Project Presentations