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Neutrino Physics: Course Outline (PHY-711)

The neutrino is an elementary particle which holds no electrical charge, travels at nearly the speed of light, and passes through ordinary matter with virtually no interaction.

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The history of neutrino oscillations,Unification of physics, The GWS electroweak model. The standard model Massive neutrinos and neutrino mixing ,Dirac masses ,Majorana masses ,Dirac{Majorana mass and the see-saw mechanism ,Neutrino mixing ,Neutrinos oscillations in vacuum ,The two-°avor scenario ,The three-°avor scenario ,Neutrino oscillations in matter ,Coherent forward scattering ,Neutrino oscillation probabilities in matter ,The two-°avor scenario ,The three-°avor scenario,Damping e®ects in neutrino oscillations,Atmospheric neutrinos,Solar neutrinos ,The day-night effect,Reactor neutrinos .

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