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Cosmoloogy: Course Outline (PHY-713)

the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin and general structure of the universe, with its parts, elements, and laws, and especially with such of its characteristics as space, time, causality, and freedom.

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Course Contents

Galilean relativity, concept of ether, Michelson-Morley experiment, Einstein‟s postulates of special relativity, Lorentz transformations, structure of space-time, Minkowski space time tensors, the light-cone, line element, four-vectors, relativity of simultaneity, time dilation, proper time, length contraction, time paradox, velocity transformation and velocity addition.Force equation in relativity, rest mass, kinetic and total energy, conservation of energy and momentum.Manifolds and coordinates, curves and surfaces, tensor fields,Lie derivative, geodesics, Riemann tensor, metric tensor.Newtonian cosmology, cosmological red-shift, Hubble‟s law, microwave background, the Big Bang expansion rate, matter and radiation domination, history of the universe.

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