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Advances in Pharmacognosy: Course Outline

The study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs, drug substances or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin as well as the search for new drugs from natural sources

Course Outline

Role of natural products in drug discovery and prospects of discovering new drugs from higher plants

Bioassay techniques for drug development

 In-vitro techniques

 In-vivo techniques

 Approaches to bioactivity guided natural product drug development

anti-microbial assays

Cytotoxic assays

 Anti-malarial assays

Anti-inflammatory assay

Introduction to high throughput screening (HTS)

Quality Control of Herbal Drugs

Effects of enzyme action in crude drugs

Adulteration of crude drugs

Effect of faulty collection

Improper preparation for market

Improper storage conditions

Deliberate adulteration

Quantitative microscopy in quality control Monographs of crude drugs and pharmaceutical aids

Determination of important parameters in a monograph Assay of active constituents in crude drugs

Standardization of crude drugs and pharmaceutical aids Quality assurance procedures

Plant Toxicology

 An overview of plant toxicants study of treatment and prevention of plants toxicities

simple phytotoxins

Toxicity of pyrozolidine and indozolidine alkaloids plant teratogens plant irritant

Plant induced cardiac and pulmonary diseases

Microbial and Marine Natural Products


Present status

Classification of important bioactive agents from microbial and marine sources General methods of isolation and purification

Study of Marine toxins

Microbial and marine biomedicals falling under the class of Cardiovascular




Antibiotic drugs