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Principles of Accounting II: Course Outline

Accounting or accountancy is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.

Course Outline

  • What is finance all about?
  • Forms of business ownership
  • Company and its types
  • Financial markets
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Major decisions in finance
  • Financing decision
  • Sources of Finance
  • Financing decision (Cont.)
  • Cost of finance
  • Financial statements of a company
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Liquidity ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Leverare Ratios 
  • Financial statement analysis (cont.) 
  • Profitability ratios
  • Market ratios
  • Financial statement analysis (cont.) 
  • Common size analysis
  • Index analysis
  • Time value of money fundamentals
  • Time value of money (practical examples)
  • Time value of money-annuities and perpetuities (concepts)
  • Time value of money-annuities and perpetuities (practical examples)

Course Outline

  • Cash flows estimation
  • Investment decision
  • Evaluation of capital projects / expenditure
  • Capital budgeting techniques fundamentals
  • Capital budgeting techniques
  • Payback period
  • Accounting rate of return
  • Capital budgeting techniques (cont.)
  • Net present value
  • Internal rate of return
  • Dividend policy decision
  • Working capital management


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