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Advanced Phytochemistry: Course Outline

This course introduces the chemistry of plants and how those chemical constituents interact with human physiology, pharmaceuticals and synergistically within individual plants

Course Outline

Phytochemicals of Natural Origin

Preparation of corticosteroids from natural products like Steroidal Saponins

Sapogenins (Diosgenin etc)

Artemisinin derivative from antemisinin Etoposide from Podophyllotoxin

Taxol derivatives

Morphine derivatives

Lysergic acid derivatives (Ergotamine


Hydergine etc) and other related topics of current interest

Saponins with biological and pharmacological activity


Steroid Saponins

Alkaloids and Di-terpene from Euphorabiaceae


Di- and Sesquiterpenes with pharmacological and therapeutic activity

Natural products leads to new drugs

Approaches to discovery and developments of natural products as potential new drugs

Selection and optimization of lead compounds for further development with suitable examples from CNS


Antibiotics and cardiovascular drugs

Bitter Principles


Classification of bitter principles


Characteristic features

Identification tests and uses

Selected topics for discussion of marketed drugs from natural origin