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Course Objectives

On successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Apply the financial planning process in the practice of financial planning
  • Explain the model building process for the practice of financial planning
  • Consider and discuss the impact of compliance issues on the practice of financial planning
  • Demonstrate knowledge of regulatory, economic and political environments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of practice management and other business aspects of financial planning
  • Discuss behavioral aspects of financial planning applicable to the financial planning engagement
  • Define and describe the process and the practice of financial planning

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Course Introduction

The contents of this subject have been designed for MS Finance program which aims to develop advanced interdisciplinary competence and skills needed to work in the complex world of company finance, markets and financial institutions. The program provides students with:

  • The key competence in the areas of company finance, quantitative finance, financial management of corporation and investment decisions.
  • An optimal balance between theory and practical application in companies operating in the finance sector; the program integrates a solid theory base and clear understanding of the discipline.
  • Completion of the program allows the development of operative, intellectual and managerial skills, in order to manage complex topics in institutions and International financial markets.
  • The outline have been geared to students with a background in finance, economics and business economics, whose aim is an in-depth study of financial subjects.

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