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This is a capstone course and it will build upon the concepts previously studied.


Learning Outcomes

The outcome of the course is to learn the art of strategy formulation, evaluation and its implementation in light with the company policy and in accordance with changing environmental scenarios. Linkage of the external environment and adapting to it through internal integration will be the key.

This course is designed to develop the following abilities in the students:

1)Gather an understanding of what Business Strategy and Policy is all about.

2)Evaluate and anticipate the variables of the business environment (both macro and micro)

3)Understand the nature & philosophy of corporate intent (Vision, Mission, Policy, Goals & objectives)

4)Understand the strategy formulation process at the corporate, business unit and functional levels.

5)Apply the formulated strategy through strategic implementation

6)Undergo stringent strategic control mechanisms to ensure attainment of the corporate intent.

Library Timing

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Course Description

The world we live in is constantly changing. The turbulent business environments are so fickle, that what happens today was never seen in the past, and what will happen tomorrow, is totally unpredictable. Organizations today are meeting diversified challenges including competitive pressures, technological sophistication, environmental and social dynamism. Apart from all these challenges, the greatest challenge faced by organizations today is how to strategically manage themselves with appropriate business strategies and policies. Policy and Strategy includes several iterative modules that can make or mar an organization. Integration and coordination of corporate level with the business unit level and functional levels is imperative.

This is a capstone course and it will build upon the concepts previously studied. Cases and real life situations will be used to highlight, identify and implement theoretical concepts to the real world situations.


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