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Classical drama: Course Outline(502)

Drama is characterized by action and conflict. All classical drama pieces were filled with intense conflict such as love struggles and death.

Course Contents

UNIT 1: Oedipus Rex: its detailed reading with critical analysis

Introduction to Classical Theatre and classical forms of drama

Basic features of Shakespearean tragedy and comedy

UNIT 2: Tragic Hero- Hamartia


Role of Chorus

Role of fate/gods

Denouement-the tragic downfall

UNIT 3: Dr. Faustus :its detailed reading with critical analysis

Introduction to Elizabethan era and Renaissance

Introduction to Christopher Marlowe’s life and plays

Impact of Medieval Drama on Doctor Faustus

The character of Doctor Faustus as a product of Renaissance

UNIT 4: Marlowe’s Blank Verse

Significance of the subplot

Main themes

Is Doctor Faustus a Christian or a pagan play?

UNIT 5: Hamlet: its detailed reading with critical analysis

Shakespearean Tragedy : its characteristics

Shakespearean heroes

Influence of Revenge tragedies on Hamlet

UNIT 6: Theological (Christian) concerns in Hamlet

Hamlet’s soliloquies

Hamlet’s Psychoanalysis in the light of Oedipus Complex

Hamlet: A feminist Perspective

Significance of Comic Relief and “Play” within the play

UNIT 7: Volpone: its detailed reading with critical analysis

Jacobean London and Volpone as a City comedy

Volpone as a Satire

Volpone as a Morality play

Animal imagery

UNIT 8: Renaissance elements in the play

Representation of women

Significance of various scenes

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