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Classical Fiction: Course Outline(508-ENG)

The term classic fiction can be applied in a broad sense to any creative narrative that has either been given special recognition or deemed worthy of academic discussion.

Course Contents

UNIT 1: Emergence of novel as a dominant literary genre in the eighteenth century

Joseph Andrews as a picaresque novel

Character delineation

UNIT 2: Henry Fielding                                     

Joseph Andrews: its detailed reading  and critical discussion

UNIT 3: Jane Austen                                       

Pride and Prejudice: its detailed reading and critical discussion

Themes of money and marriage

UNIT 4: Austen’s confined world

A feminist perspective

Character delineation

UNIT 5: Charles Dickens as a novelist

Hard Times :its reading and critical discussion

UNIT 6: Realism

Sordid socio-economic backdrop to the industrial revolution

Critique of social norms

Mockery of scientific progress

UNIT 7: George Eliot as a novelist                                         

Reading and discussion of Adam Bede

George Eliot as a modern novelist

Art of Eliot’s characterization


Psychological insights into characters

UNIT 8: Thomas Hardy                                   

The Return of the Native: its reading and detailed discussion

Pessimism in the novel


Salient features of Hardy’s novels in general

Recommended books

Related books