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Developmental Psychology: Home

The branch of psychology that studies the psychological growth of individuals. It deals with the psychological responses and changes in behavior that characterize such stages of life as infancy, adolescence, and old age.

Course Significance

At the completion of the course the students will be able to:

Identify major developmental milestones

Think critically about the developmental issues

Apply knowledge from developmental theories in the Pakistani cultural context

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Course objectives

To know the important aspects of developmental research and some of the theoretical explanations of the developmental process

Understand the relationship between heredity and environment as they form the foundations of human development

Understand the advances in cognitive, moral, and social development occurring in late childhood, ages seven to twelve

Understand the crises and their effects on the individual in various developmental stages throughout out the lifespan.

Understand the developmental challenges of adolescence.


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Nauman Waheed
Riphah Intl. University, Al-Mizan Campus, ISD, Peshawar road RWP.
051-5125162 Ext 238

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