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Communication Skills: Course Outline(APsy-418)

Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals. It requires a shared understanding of symbol systems, such as language and mathematics.

Course Contents

Unit 1

Introduction to Communication Skills

Communication Process

Components of Effective Communication

The Seven C’s of Effective Communication

Unit 2

Listening Skills

Definition of Listening Skill, Listening Situations

Barriers to Effective Listening, Overcoming Listening Barriers

Unit 3

Face to Face Communication

Voice as a communicative tool

Formal communication and Discussion

Work Place Conversation, Meeting Skills

Unit 4

Non-verbal Communication

Significance of Body Language, Maintaining Composure and Neutrality

Sending Positive vibes and avoiding gestures and movements indicative of aggression

Course Contents

Unit 5

Reading Skills

Purpose of Reading

Skimming and scanning

Fast Reading and note-taking

Intensive and Extensive Reading

Unit 6

Essay Writing

Division of an Essay into parts

Subjective and Objective Essays

Analytical Essays

Descriptive Essays

Narrative Essays

Unit 7

Written Communication for Specific Purposes

Writing of Circulars, Memos and

Minutes of Meetings

C.V Writing

Writing Of Research Proposals