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Advanced Methods of Data Analysis : Course Contents (5202)

This course is designed to introduce students to advanced data analysis techniques and their applications in MS IO Psychology.

Course Contents

T-test (types)

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): One way ANOVA, Two way ANOVA

Repeated Measure ANOVA


Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)

Multivariate Analyses of Variance (MANOVA)in practice

Multivariate analyses of Co-variance (MANCOVA)

Purpose and assumptions of each type of regression, i.e., multiple and logistics regressions


Simple Regression

Multiple Regression

Hierarchal regression

Logistic Regression

Goodness of fit

Model Fit ind.

Reasons of poor fit 

Improving poor fit using modification indices

Advanced statistical techniques


SPSS, Data Entry

Specific Commands

Descriptive Tables & Graphs


Statistical Techniques to Compare Groups

Regression Analysis: (Linear and Multiple)

Mediation Analysis

Moderation Analysis

Exploratory Factor Analyses

Structural Equation Modeling

Path Analysis

Confirmatory Factor Analyses (CFA)

Mediation Analysis Using Amos

Moderation Analysis Using Amo

Recommended Books

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