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Industrial-Organizational Psychology & Allied Fields (PSIO 5101): Course Contents

This course will expose students to the field of industrial/ Organizational psychology. In doing so, students will be presented with a diverse body of information about the field. The “Industrial” part of Industrial/ Organizational psychology deals with h

Course Contents

Introduction to Industrial Organizational Psychology; scope and applications

  • Emotions and Perception
  • Work Motivation and Personality
  • Job Attitudes and Job Characteristics
  • Groups and Teams in Organizations
  • Stress, Stressors and Coping
  • Work-Family/Family-Work relationship
  • Discrimination and Politics in Organizations

Allied fields: HRM

  • What is HRM, Why HRM is important
  • Conducting Job analysis
  • HR Planning, Job Description, Job Specification
  • Recruiting and selecting employees
  • Recruitment techniques
  • Sources of recruitment
  • Compensations, Managing compensation, Types of compensation
  • Rewarding performance, Pay for Performance and benefits

Course Goals

The main goal of this course are to:

  • Introduce the concepts, methodologies, and relevant findings that describe the manner by which I/O psychologist approach the psychological experiences of individuals in organizations. We will accomplish this by covering a broad range of topics that I/O psychology has traditionally researched and what we know about those areas as they pertain to both individuals at work and organizations.
  • Improve Students ‘capability to think about organizations and employees scientifically and critically. We will accomplish this by applying principles of I/O psychology to learning activates and participating in discussions designed to provide you with the opportunity to try out concepts covered in this course.
  • Provide vivid application of the constructs with the blend of research articles, particularly with reference to local culture context. It will enhance the understanding of the construct and its application.

Recommended Books

Cover Art

Industrial psychology by Aamodt, Michael G.

Call Number: 158.7 AAM

ISBN: 9788131519141

Publication Date: 2013

Cover Art

Industrial and organizational psychology by Spector, Paul E.

Call Number: 158.7 SPE

ISBN: 9788126558599

Publication Date: 2012