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Consumer Psychology (PSIO 5102): Course Contents

The course of Consumer Behavior / Psychology is designed to give insight knowledge to the students regarding consumer interaction in the market on daily basis. The focus of the course will be on the critical assessment of CB topics, researches and analyti

Course Outline

  • Overview of Consumer Psychology
  • Consumer  Rules
  • Perception and Consumer Behavior
  • Learning and Consumers
  • Memory
  • Motivation of Consumer and related stakeholders
  • Values (Islamic values/ethical values)
  • The Self (Nafs/Qalb)
  • Personality and Lifestyles
  • Attitudes and Persuasion
  • Decision Making
  • Buying and Disposing
  • Groups
  • Income and Social Class
  • Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior
  • Relevant Research articles will be distributed in class
  • Clips on various situations related to course contents

Learning Objectives

  1. This course will provide the students with a comprehensive exposure to research and practices in the field of Consumer Psychology.
  2. To develop an understanding of consumer behavior from a variety of perspective (multicultural, interdisciplinary).
  3. To develop an understanding of peoples' consumption-related behaviors and to develop and evaluate marketing strategies intended to influence those behaviors.
  4. Critically analyze approaches and assumptions in consumer research and evaluate the appropriateness and limitations of different methodologies and analytical approaches relevant to the course contents.

Recommended Books