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This course provides an understanding of the mental processes involved in cognition, perception, attention, memory, thinking, language and reasoning processes. The core focus will be on how information is received, perceived, filtered, stored, retrieved a

Objective of Course

a. To develop the ideological vision of Pakistan.
b. To enable the students understand various dimensions and key concepts of Pakistan economy in the light of past experience.
c. To comprehend the basis of Pakistani society and culture
d. To familiarize the students with the basic principles and objectives of the foreign policy of Pakistan.

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Course Outcome

After completing this course students will be able to:
a) Think critically about the internal processes involved in human cognition.
b) Articulate the basic principles, major theories, and research concerning higher
mental processes.
c) Practice the implications of the theoretical content in daily activities
d) Critically evaluate the theories of memory and knowledge acquisition in the
light of learning and education.


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Rabia Amjad
Information Services Department
QIE Campus, Lahore