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Health psychology is a specialty area that focuses on how biology, psychology, behavior, and social factors influence health and illness. Other terms including medical psychology and behavioral medicine are sometimes used interchangeably with the term hea

Objectives of the Course

a)To introduce the students to a new emerging branch of Psychology
b) To introduce students to the basic terminology, avenues of research, and theoretical
models in Health Psychology
c) To develop an understanding of the application of principles of Psychology in
learning and developing healthy and unhealthy behaviors
d) To develop an understanding of the psychological interventions appropriate for
managing health conditions, for disease prevention, promoting health behaviors, and
health enhancement
e) To understand Islamic perspective of health, determinants of health, and
principals of individual and community health as well guidelines on health

Level of Study


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Course Content

Historical Background
Definition, development, and scope of health psychology
The modern concept of health and illness
Health Psychology Islamic perspective
Theoretical Models in Health Psychology

a) The Bio psychosocial Model/ Bio-Psychosocial Spiritual Model
b) The Health Belief Model
c) Theory of Planned Behavior/ Reasoned Action

d) Transtheoretical Models/ Theories of behavior change
e) Psychoneuroimmunology model (PNI)
The Psychology of Health and Illness
A brief introduction to:
a) Psychophysiological Disorders
b) The immune system & Stress
Psychological Factors Influencing Physical Health
a) Illness Perceptions
b) Health Beliefs
c) Health Locus of Control
d) Doctor – patient communication
e) Compliance and Medication Adherence
f) Personality type & Health (The Big Five Traits and Health & Illness)
g) Health beliefs, locus of control and self-efficacy
h) Determinants of Health (Islamic Perspective)
i) Locus of control Conventional and Islamic Perspective
Stress, Coping, and Health
Models of stress: Seyle, Mason, and Lazarus, Kubler Ross - Model of Grief
Stress and illness (Assessment of stress and identification of stressors)
Stress management
Stress & Coping: Islamic Perspective
Application of Health Psychology with Reference to Specific Physical Ailments and
Unhealthy Lifestyles and prevention through Islamic Life style
Risk factors, prevention, rehabilitation, and psychological interventions

a) Coronary heart disease (CHD)
b) Cancer
c) Pain
e) Diabetes Mellitus
f) Obesity and eating disorders: Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa
g) Substance abuse disorders: Smoking and drinking.
h) Arthritis
Grief and Bereavement

a) Acceptance, adjustment and coping with chronic and terminal illnesses.
Working with the Individual/Community
a) Health promotion programs for public awareness and disease prevention
b) General Health promotion (Islamic Perspective)
c) Spiritual promotion of health (Individual/community)
Psychological Interventions in Health Psychology
In order to develop health promoting behaviors and adjustment to Chronic physical

a) Cognitive Behavior Therapy
b) Counseling/Islamic counseling
c) Fasting benefits
d) Hygiene benefits
Research in Health Psychology (Islamic Perspectives)
a) Identification of vulnerable populations for developing psychophysiological disorders
b) Identification of causal relationships i.e. Predictors and Outcomes in health and
c) Psychological consequences of physical illnesses.


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