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course guide for BS PSYCHOLOGY .


What Is a Core Curriculum in an Undergraduate Degree Program?


The undergraduate program in psychology combines theoretical, methodological, applied, and clinical  aspects.program proposes to strengthen student knowledge for graduates to function as psychologists within the country. The undergraduate program will offer two specializations: 


The “biological factors” that create an impact on the biological behaviour of the human being are self-preservation, reproduction, and survival. Self-preservation: self-preservation is the biological process of sustaining in critical conditions

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Biological Basis of Behavior in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101

The physical structure of the body plays an important role in the behavior of an individual. The most important physical structure for psychologists is the nervous system. The nervous system carries orders from the brain and spinal cord to various glands (غدود) and muscles, it also carries signals from stimuli receptors to the spinal cord(ریڑھ کی ہڈی) and brain. Topics of the Video Lecture

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Scope of Psychology in India & Abroad | AECC GlobalPsychology has now developed into a discipline that extends and concerned with understanding the behavior and mental processes from multiple perspectives. As the name suggest, biological psychology is a branch of science that tries to explain behavior in terms of biology, and because the most important structures controlling the behavior of the brain, Biopsychology is the study of the brain and how it produces behavioral and mental processes.