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Cross Cultural Psychology: Course Outline (APSY-2203)

Cross-cultural psychology is a branch of psychology that looks at how cultural factors influence human behavior.

Course Objective

The course will cover social and cultural and Islamic aspects of human behavior; differentiation between area studies, cross-cultural studies, and intercultural studies and aims to familiarize students with cross-cultural research.

Recommended Books

Course Contents

Understanding Cross Cultural psychology
a. Defining and understanding culture
b. Historical and theoretical foundations
c. Nature and scope of cross-cultural psychology
d. Acculturation and multiculturalism
Cross-Cultural Research
a. Methodological issues in cross cultural research
b. Considerations for conducting cross cultural research
c. Translation, adaptation and application of psychological tests across cultures
d. Indigenous research and current issues across cultures
Human Development and Socialization:
a. Culture and developmental processes
b. Culture and social behaviors
c. Parenting practices across cultures
d. Social perception and social cognition

Application of Cross-Cultural Psychology
a. Mental health, Intelligence
b. Individual and Community
c. Happiness, success and well being
d. Spirituality and religion
e. Human rights and law
f. Global Community

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