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Gender Issues in Psychology: Course Outline (APSY-3201)

Focus of a course in gender issues: What factors are responsible for the distinct masculine and feminine roles? The factors may be biological. Social, cultural etc.

Course Objective

a) To give an introduction to Psychology of gender differences and related research evidence
b) To acquaint students with the contemporary gender related debates and issues particularly in the Pakistani context.

Recommended Books

Course Contents


a) Why study psychology of Gender

b) Role of a Man in Islam

c) Role of a Woman in Islam

d) Scope of Psychology of Gender

History of Psychology of Gender

a) 1894-1936: Gender differences in intelligence

b) 1936-1954: M/M as a global personality trait

c) 1954-1982: Sex typing & androgyny

d) 1982-present: Gender as a social category

Gender & Related Paradigms

a) Sex differences and physiology

b) Sex differences in brain architecture

c) Theories of gender

d) Sociobiology and evolutionary psychology

e) Research evidence in sex differences

f) Islamic Practices (Men and Woman)

g) Ideal Muslim and Ideal Muslimah

Gender: Role Attitudes

a) Gender Equality (Equal Opportunities)

b) Concept of Segregation in Islam

c) Etiquettes in Islam

d) Attitudes towards men’s & women’s roles

e) Family & Marriage

f) Role of Parents

g) Affective component: Sexism

h) Cognitive component: Gender role typing

i) Behavioral component: Sex discrimination

Gender and Aggression

a) Aggression /violence

b) Theories of aggression

c) Biological, social learning, gender-role theory

d) Cognitive theories

e) Rape and other form of sexual coercion: Prevalence and incidence

f) Characteristics of perpetrator & victims

g) Domestic abuse

h) Characteristics of perpetrator & victims

i) Sexual harassment

j) Characteristics of perpetrator & victims

Psychology of Women: Issues

a) Emergence and history of psychology of women in the west and in Pakistan

b) Women and law(PPC & Shariah)

c) Women and psychopathologies

Psychology of Men: Issues

a) Emergence and history of psychology of men in the west and in Pakistan

b) Men and law(PPC & Shariah)

c) Men and psychopathologies

New Men, New Women, New Relationships

a) Changes in values, economics and employment

b) New men, new women & new relationships

Gender Issues in the Pakistani Context

a) Contemporary issues

b) Current Issues

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