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Cognitive Psychology: Course Outline (APSY-4101)

Cognitive psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with motivation, problem-solving, decision-making, learning, memory, and more.

Course Objective

This course provides an understanding of the mental processes involved in cognition, perception, attention, memory, thinking, language and reasoning processes. The core focus will be on how information is received, perceived, filtered, stored, retrieved and conveyed and it will provide an understanding of the mental processes through which information is acquired, processed and conveyed.

Recommended Books

Course Contents



a) Nature and Scope of Cognitive Psychology

b) Historical Perspective in evolution of

Neural Basis of Cognition

a) Neural representation of information (Islamic references in Quran)

b) Organization of the brain and neural localization of function

c) Information coding in visual cells

Perception and Attention

a) Sensory memory: Iconic memory& Echoic memory

b) Pattern recognition: Template matching and Feature Analysis

c) Speech recognition and Voice onset time


a) Language comprehension: Parsing, Semantic considerations and Utilization. Recitation of Quran

b) Language and thought

c) Child language Acquisition (Arabic/cultural)

d) Psycholinguistics

e) Object Perception


f) Spatial vs. linear representation

g) Depth Perception

h) Colour Perception Quranic

i) Perception of Movement

Knowledge Representation

a) Perception based knowledge

b) Meaning based knowledge


a) Implicit and Explicit memory

b) Retention in episodic memory

c) Working memory and long term memory

d) Interference: Fan effect

e) Recall vs. recognition

f) Memorization of Quran

Thinking and Problem solving

a) Mean –end Analysis

b) Problem Solving by Analogy

c) Heuristic and algorithms


a) Deductive and inductive reasoning Aql

b) Conditional reasoning

Recommended Books