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Elective I - Counseling Psychology: Course Outline (APSY-4105)

Counseling psychologists focus on normative developmental and mental health issues and challenges faced by individuals across their lifespan

Course Objective

The rationale of the course is equipping students with the knowledge and expertise to support their work as professional person-centred/ humanistic counsellors. It aims to integrate students’ counselling skills practice with academic study at undergraduate level and to facilitate student learning areas of counselling practice: counselling skills, counselling related theory and personal development.

Recommended Books

Course Contents

• Islam & Muslims
• Counseling & Islamic Counseling
• Spirituality and Islamic Counseling
• Understanding Human nature and personality development in the Islamic Context
• Psychological health: Cultural and religious influences
• Understating the Muslim clients
• Islamic ethics related to counseling
• Skills and approaches
• Psychodynamic counseling
• Post-Freudian psychodynamic counseling
• Phenomenological and humanistic approaches
• Assessment, models and intervention strategies
• Counseling therapy and psychodrama
• Transactional analysis
• Behavioral and cognitive behavioral approaches
• The group context
• Ethical considerations

Recommended Books