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Optics: Course Contents (PHY-2102)

Course Contents

Propagation of Light &

Image Formation: Huygens’ Principle, Fermat’s Principle,
Laws of Reflection and Refraction, Refraction at a Spherical Surface, Thin Lenses,
Newtonian Equation for a Thin Lens
Matrix Methods in Paraxial Optics:

Ray Transfer Matrices, Thick Lens
Superposition & Interference: Standing Waves, Beats, Phase and Group
Velocities, Thin Dielectric Films, Michelson and Fabry-Perot Interferometers,
Resolving Power, Free-Spectral Range


Linear, circular and elliptical polarization
Fraunhofer Diffraction:

From a Single Slit, Rectangular and Circular Apertures,
Double Slit, Many Slits
Coherence & Holography: Temporal Coherence, Spatial Coherence, Holography of
a Point object and an Extended Object
Laser Basics:

Stimulated Emission, Population Inversion, Resonators, Threshold and Gain

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