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Introduction to Computer: Course Content (BSIC612)

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Computer Fundamentals and RDBMs

by Vaze, Smita
Joshi, Subhalaxmi


Introduction to Client Server Computing

by Yadav, Subhash Chandra
Singh, Sanjay Kumar


Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Information Technology and Systems

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Computer Course (Illustrated)

by Singh, Vishnu P.

PRINT ISBN 9788173171833

Learning Objective

Computer is one of the major developments of the time and has an important role in each profession. Having the importance, it is one the component of the Program. During this course the students will be given the basic knowledge on computer and practical Session in the IT Department. The students will be given basic knowledge of computers and its Operation.

Text Book

Peter Norton's introduction to computers by Norton, Peter

Call Number: 004 NOR

ISBN: 9780070671201

Publication Date: 2007


Computers by Larry Long; Nancy Long

Call Number: 004 LON

ISBN: 013009479X

Publication Date: 2002

Course Content

1. Fundamental of computer Concepts
2. Types of computer, Hardware, Software
3. Operating system
4. Components of windows
5. Windows as an Application
6. MS- Word
7. Creating a Document
8. Writing up a letter and applying all Format styles
9. Setting up Page for Printing
10. Printing process of a document
11. MS-Excel
12. Creating, Modifying, Renaming a Worksheet
13. MS-Power Point
14. Inter Net E- Mail
15. Networking