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Clinical Diseases (Ophthalmology): Course Outline (BSCD614)

Learning Objective

The optometrists are becoming increasingly involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with different abnormal ocular conditions. This course examines the brief introduction of eye most of the anterior& Posterior segment eye diseases and their management. Emphasis is placed upon the advanced optometric management of these diseases. The emphasis would be made on proper signs and symptoms of these relevant diseases. In some instances, education beyond current optometric practice is introduced in an effort to prepare the students for different clinical challenges that could appear in this ever-changing profession. Furthermore, the Course intends to give the student the necessary knowledge for their future postgraduate assessments, and Optometrist / Orthoptics role in eye care services.

Course Outline

1. Diseases of the Retina
2. Uveitis
3. Color Vision Defects
4. Important eye syndromes
5. Dry eye syndrome
1. Fundus examination & Optometric approach
1. Diseases of the eye lids
2. Diseases of the Conjunctiva
3. Diseases of the Cornea
4. Diseases of lens – Congenital anomalies
5. Cataract& Types
6. Glaucoma & Types

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