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Corporate Strategy: Course outline

Course description

This course deals with major techniques and approaches to the development and implementation of strategy as it concerns firms competing domestically and internationally. We will explore the underlying concepts, analytical techniques, and evaluation of strategic options that form the basis for strategic analysis and action. This course is designed to introduce you to key strategic concepts and to explore the reasons for the success and failure of businesses in this era of global competition. The course teaches concepts applicable to firms around the world, with a special emphasis to small and large companies based in Asia.

Course content

Strategy Frameworks

This session introduces core concepts in strategy to develop simple strategic frameworks to guide strategic thinking. The key focus will be on the factors that influence strategy: customers, competition and competencies.


How can leaders think strategically?

Leadership, Intent, Strategy and Success

We continue our discussion of strategy, by focusing on the relationship between Intent, strategy and firm success.

 What role do leaders play in this process?

What does a final strategy document contain?


How can a company effectively align its intent, strategy and operations?

Recommended Book

Course content

Outlining your strategy

We will work in small teams to clarify the following issues:

What is your company’s strategic intent?

What are your unit’s strategic objectives?

Which strategy will achieve these strategic objectives?

Competencies and Competition

We focus on clarifying the concept of competencies, a major determinant of business success. A key issue is how competencies relate to customers and competitors. We will establish that this relationship is at the core of strategy.


What are your company’s core competencies in the world regions in which it competes?

Refining your strategy

We will work continue to work in small teams to clarify the following issues:

What are your company’s resources and competencies?

Lecture and Discussion: Competencies, Resources and Corporate Growth

Lecture and Discussion – Competition, strategy and firm performance

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