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Operations Research: Course outline

Course description

Operations Research (OR) or Management Science (MS) provides methodology for management. OR/MS methodology is appropriate to some but very important problems, which managers encounter in various functional areas such as in finance, operations or production, human resource management, marketing, and in general application areas such as in investment planning, project management, and decision analysis.

Learning outcome

After students have completed the course, they are expected to (a) understand basic concepts in modeling and model use as appropriate to management problems; (b) appreciate representative problems which managers encounter in managing the business of their firms; (c) appreciate the logical approach to the analysis of problems; and (d) apply, to a limited degree, the concepts and techniques they have learned to sample exercise-problems.

Text book

Course content

Week 01: Introduction (Chapter 1)

Definition, Decision process and relevance of OR, Model and model building and OR Techniques

Week 02: (Chapter 2)

Mathematical formulation of Linear Programming (LP)

Week 03: (Independent study, Chapter 3)

Graphical and Analytical solution of LP problems

Week 04: (Chapters4 and 5)

Simplex Method of solving LP problems 

Week 05: (Chapter 6)

Sensitivity Analyses and Duality in LP

Week 06: (Chapter 7)

Transportation Problem

Week 07: (Chapter 7)

Assignment Problem

Week 08: (Chapters 10 and 11)

Decision Theories

Week 09: (Chapters 15 and 16)

Network Analysis

Reference books