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Business Ethics and Islam: Course outline (MGT-202)

Catalog descreption

The course deals with the Basic ethical values presented by Islam for all commercial Transactions. It deals basically with the moral aspect of business derived from the Holy Quran, Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and thoughtful discussion of the Jurists. In the Course view of different jurists over different moral business issues are critically analyzed.

Learning outcome

The emphasis in this course is to introduce the students to the concepts of Business Ethics presented by Islam. This is achieved by the creation of an awareness in the students regarding the business Ethics in Islam so to able them to implement such ethical values in the contemporary commercial markets.

Recommended Books

Course content

1 Introduction, Importance of Business at different levels.

2 The Quran and Amal (Amal & Tijarah)

3 Islamic Concept of God (Attributes of Allah, Principles Ordained by Allah)

4 Qur'anic Concept of Business (Gainful Business, Losing Business, Maintenance of Records) (Maintenance of Records: Rewards and Punishments)

5 Qur'anic View of Wealth (General Appreciation, Ownership) (The Concept of Halal and Haram, the Concept of Barakah)

6 Qur'anic View of Wealth: Distribution of Wealth and its Effect on Society (Emphasis on Infaq, Distribution: Methods and Institutions)

7 Distribution of Wealth and its Effect on Society (Equitable Distribution and its Effects)

Related books

Course content

8 BUSINESS ETHICS Concepts and Cases (Manuel G. Velasquez) Chapter One: Ethics and Business

9 Chapter Two: Ethical Principles in Business Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

10 Chapter Three: The Market and Business

11 Chapter Four: Ethics in the Marketplace

12 Chapter Five: Ethics and the Environment

13 Chapter Six: The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing

14 Islamic concept of quality and its management in every process of life, its benchmark

15 & 16 Course Revision and Projects Presentation

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